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SFTS is a viral disease and an acronym of Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome, the disease SFTS is caused by Dabie bandavirus, is RNA type virus. It's a tick-borne virus. The ticks are parasites actually classified as arachnids, and someway similar to spiders and mites. Ticks are a vector – the main carrier of the dabie virus. The virus itself spreads from the bite of infected animals, or when people come in contact with infected blood, mucous or the wounds of someone with SFTS.

SFTS is an infectious disease that was first described in central China in 2009 and subsequently discovered in Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan in 2015. The fatality rate of SFTS is about 12% to 30% in some areas. The recent outbreak occurred in East China in July -August 2020, while the world’s most population has been battling with COVID-19 global pandemic that also originated in Wuhan, China.


High fever

Low platelet count (thrombocytopenia)

Haemorrhage (bleeding)



Respiratory disease

Low white blood cell count (Leukopenia)

Elevated liver enzyme levels.

Multi organs failure

Diagnosis: RT-PCR, ELISA, Immunochromatography (antibody test).

Treatment and Vaccine: No specific treatment available only symptomatic treatment is being carried out. Also, there is no vaccination available so far, vaccine development and trial are under process.

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