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Cut Money

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Cut money is a very common thing that has infected Indian society severely, by means of this, people like officers, heads of villages, Babus, bureaucrats, administrators, politicians and police make money, I came to know this custom since my childhood, when I used to go to the government. dispensary with my father to get medicine, the pharmacist over there used to ask for money though the dispensary was totally free.The term cut money was highlighted in 2019 in West Bengal when the head of villages, MLAs and PMs of governing party caught red handed by opposition then local government of that state took it seriously and asked all persons who have taken money (cut money) to return to respective persons. This is not a localized problem of a single state, this has been diffused across India. I shared a link of an audio clip of such thing of UP.

The present government of India is trying their best to uproot this nasty thing from society by means of digitizing the banking system, businesses, and money transactions but it is still going on mass level. Whenever you approach any government officials or politicians for any kind of work, they only do your work only after taking a cut money from your pocket. I hope the current government will find a solid solution to discard cut money like nasty things from our society. I know this nasty thing ''cut money'' only can be discarded from our society when each and every individual determines not to give any offer or money to get our work done in future.

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