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Plastic: The hazardous waste

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

This is worrisome and very worst situation for us, plastic has become just a household thing in the world. Most of the developing and even developed countries use it without knowing its worst effect on the environment. The mass uses of plastic in packing of daily use for household things like biscuits, chocolates, salts, soaps, oil, milk, butter, ice cream, frozen meat and many more items are being packed in plastics. These things are being produced by big companies/production houses including government companies. It will be better to alert these companies who pack the food items and other household things in plastic must be boycotted completely. However initiative should be taken by every individual and ensure to minimize the use of plastic or completely avoid. It is best to take initiative by both ways, upside down and down to up. I have gone through most of the magazines, newspapers, TV channels they all are talking about the curse of plastic. Plastics have been mixed up in AIR, POTABLE WATER, SEA, OCEAN (deep inside Mariana Trench), Iceland (Greenland) and in SOIL we can say plastics have been reached everywhere, that include deep inside the ocean to the top layer of atmosphere. Now come to its bad effects on humankind and animals. Animals are dying by eating plastics, people here in India throw the garbage stuffed in plastics/polythene and these things eaten by cows, dogs, birds, fish and other animals. They (animals) get sick by eating the plastics, the diseases spread like cancer, intestine diseases. Mankind are suffering more due to hazardous impact of plastic it causes lung disease, skin disease, heart disease, cancer, and many more. How do we get rid of this giant killer: It is very simple to take small initiative and stop using plastics and encourage your surroundings, your family, your colleagues to discard the use of plastic and ask them to convince their surrounding to avoid plastic use.

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